Thursday, February 12, 2009

gas stove VS electric stove

Nowadays, we may not alert that stove has been evolved from the old stove to the new one. Stove is one of the important things in our daily life. There are some differences between them even the usage is still the same which is for cooking. The latest stove has a lot of specialities which make life easier. The old one, still got its benefit but its lack of some technologies.

There are few parts that make them different such as the shape, the source of cooking, the plate, the button, the material that can use for cooking by using the gas stove and more. For the shape, the old gas stove got quite thick and it takes same space to place it. Moreover, it uses gas for the source of cooking. As we know, it is daily usage since it has been use from our previous family. They use the gas to cook. A part of that, the old gas stove has its plate like a square at the surface and the pot is put on the square plate. In addition, old gas stove has manual using when we have to push a little bit the button and swing it to the right to make the fire appear. Furthermore, the gas stove does not have limit material for cooking. We can use all kind of material such as steel, ceramic and more.

Lately, we had heard about the latest stove which is more efficient and easy to use. Specially , it comes in flat surface which more attractive and save space. Moreover, the new stove does not use the gas but it use electric for cooking. Obviously, we can see that the plate is flat to surface and we just put the pot on the surface. Next, it is provide with artistic button design where we just touch the button to on or off the stove and it is automatic where we can set the timer. Surprisely, we see no fire appear on the plate because it use magnetic wave. This stove has its limit material for cooking. We just can use the steel pot since it use magnetic wave to cook it.

Every stove have its own advantage and disadvantage even it is old. One should think wisely before decide to buy anything. For the time being, people might use the latest stove because it is modern technology and more practical.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The old bicycle

this is another story that i read last night..
written by Norliza baharom.. i got it from reader digest

the old bicycle is about a mother who always sacrifice and always want the best for her children..
the writer grew in very poor living.Her father was a rattan collector. He went to forest and collect rotten as much as he can and sell it to nearby furniture manufacturer...

one day, her father went to the forest with his motorcycle. So, the writer thought there no way to go to school which far from her home. The writer and her sister imaging that they can play at backyard pond. suddenly. her mother appeared and ask them to get dressed. their mother will send them to school no matter what. The writer and her sister wondering how their mother will send them to school. Gently, her mother said that she will send them with the bicycle which really old.

So they have no choice. Slowly they climbed up on the back carrier. it was too small for both of them. as the result half of her bottom hung in midair with no support. The bicycle was very terrible, the tyres were almost flat. everyone they passed were turned to see where the noise coming from.The writer was very ashamed and she covered her face with her hand.

twenty five minutes later, they arrived at the school, quickly they jumped off from the bicycle and they said that it would be the last time they riding that bicycle. they rather walk to school in future.

And then she kissed her mother's hand and she tasted salt. her mother sweating. suddenly she felt so sad, she don't understand why her mother have to do the hard way instead staying at home and rest. Then her mother said, she sorry for the trouble and she don't want he children ending up like her. so she will as hard as she can to give education for her children.

Now, the writer work as a librarian after earning a degree in english literature.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

p/s i love u

last year i read this novel.. p/s i love u...
it was very romantic n touching story..
it's about true love until the end written by cecilia ahern...

holly is a smart and beautiful lady married with gerry, a handsome and caring husband. they were very happy couple until gerry's life is taken by an illness. since that, holly seems death person, she refused to eat, she dont want to mix with other people.. she never go to work..
she lived in her memory since gerry gone... it's was very hard for holly to accept the fate until one day on her birthday, she got a letter from gerry...

before he died, gerry wrote 10 letters that will guide her to life.. he asked holly to go to party, karoake, shopping and so on.. holly live with the letter, she did everything that gerry wanted.. every letter include a note p/s i love u that send her a new life without him..